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The CorkOut™ kit is composed of 2 products. The Patented CorkOut™ tool and a corkscrew.
The Corkout™ tool can be used on its own to remove smaller debris or in conjunction with the corkscrew for larger cork pieces.
The corkscrew was exclusively redesigned to work with the CorkOut™. Please watch the above video to see how it works.

CorkOut™ Kit.

Featuring The CorkOut™

Did you know that whenever you open a bottle of wine, there's a one-in-six chance that the cork—mostly in older wines—will break and fall into the bottle? That's a fact. And here's another. When this happens, there is no easy way to remove errant pieces of cork from a bottle of wine. Until now.

Problem solved with the CorkOut™!

How CorkOut™ works:

If the cork breaks and small pieces fall into the wine...

1.      Insert the CorkOut™ into the bottle, ladle end down.
2.     Scoop out the cork piece(s) with the ladle, and then pull the CorkOut™ up and out of the bottle.
3.     Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed to remove all the cork pieces from the wine bottle.

If the whole cork gets pushed into the bottle or a big piece of cork falls into the wine...

1.      Insert the CorkOut™ into the bottle, ladle end down.
2.     Use the ladle to raise the cork clear of the wine and pull just enough until the indented portion of the CorkOut™ makes it out of the bottle.
3.     Affix the corkscrew—which has been redesigned to work exclusively with the CorkOut™—onto this indentation and use the corkscrew's two-step lever system to gradually raise the CorkOut™ until the ladle holding the cork is fully out of the bottle.

About the corkscrew:

- Two-step lever system, provides maximum leverage for easy cork removal.

- Built-in foil-cutter, which safely self-retracts when using the corkscrew.

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