L'essentiel® Wine Kit

Featuring The CorkOut™

Did you know that whenever you open a bottle of wine, there's a one-in-six chance that the cork—mostly in older wines—will break and fall into the bottle? That's a fact. And here's another. When this happens, there is no easy way to remove errant pieces of cork from a bottle of wine. Until now.

Problem solved with the CorkOut™!

How CorkOut™ works:

If the cork breaks and small pieces fall into the wine...

1.      Insert the CorkOut™ into the bottle, ladle end down.
2.     Scoop out the cork piece(s) with the ladle, and then pull the CorkOut™ up and out of the bottle.
3.     Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed to remove all the cork pieces from the wine bottle.

If the whole cork gets pushed into the bottle or a big piece of cork falls into the wine...

1.      Insert the CorkOut™ into the bottle, ladle end down.
2.     Use the ladle to raise the cork clear of the wine and pull just enough until the indented portion of the CorkOut™ makes it out of the bottle.
3.     Affix the L’essentiel® corkscrew—which has been redesigned to work exclusively with the CorkOut™—onto this indentation and use the corkscrew's two-step lever system to gradually raise the CorkOut™ until the ladle holding the cork is fully out of the bottle.

- About L’essentiel®: simply the best professional corkscrew

As its name indicates, L’essentiel® is THE ESSENTIAL corkscrew for all wine lovers and food and wine industry professionals. L’essentiel® was designed and developed in France by Sommelier Sébastien Lézier, owner of Ligne|W and co-founder of Wine Lovers Collection.
L’essentiel® is not only stunning to look at, it is also unquestionably functional. It sports the patented, two-step lever system, a trademark of all Ligne|W corkscrews; this provides maximum leverage for easy cork removal. It also has a built-in foil-cutter, which safely self-retracts when using the corkscrew.

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